At present there is a festive season going on in Kolkata. The Durgapuja is just got 0ver, and, Diwali has just ended. Every year staff of Swadhina, an NGO here, organise a participatory feast ! Each participating staff prepares a special item at home and bring at the Feast.This year there were 10 exotic items !



SUKTO: No Bengali Feast is an authentic one without Sukto. It is a special art to prepare this, a signature item of our grandmas ! Bitter gourd, Drumstick, Potato, Papaya, Pumpkin, Green Banana, Sweet Potato- they are boiled first. Then Ghee is heated up on a frying pan, and a bit of Radhuni (if you manage to get this spice, otherwise Jeera would do) is fried and all those boiled vegetables are put. A bit of salt and sugar to taste are added.

photo2535FRIED PARSHEY FISH: This is quite a regular item. Parshey is a tasty fish, and if deep fried after adding a bit turmeric powder and salt, they are very crispy.

PEA DAL was another loved item. Moong dal with a spread of Green Pea was looking good and very good to the taste bud !



FRIED ROHU FISH : This was also very tasty and easy to prepare item. Just putting a bit of turmeric powder, chillies powder and salt and deep fried was indeed delicious with hot rice.

SALAD made with cucumber and onion slices was a welcome addition, to go with dal and fried fish.

photo2543MUTTON KOSHA is a special delicacy. Mutton pieces are fried with onion, ginger-garlic paste in oil on low heat with splash of water till it looks a bit oily and then potato halves are added and further stirred with salt. Water is then added and boiled till the meat is soft. Now Garam Masala powder can sprinkled and the cooking pot can taken down from oven.


PAPAYA SWEET CHUTNEY was very popular with the children. They liked the wafer thin cut raw papaya pulp cooked in sugar syrup and lime juice.

photo2538POLAU or the sweet variety of fried rice was also enjoyed by all. This is normally go well with meat item, be it chicken or mutton.

BLACK CURRANT YOGURT SERVED IN CHOCOLATE COATED CUPS : This item served, obviously straight from the freezer was very soothing. There was sweet and sour yoghurt placed on thin layer of chocolate … once you finish the yogurt, you scrape the wall of the cup and eat the chocolate.

Real fun-filled way  to end the Festive Feast !