“Vada” is essentially a popular food item, eaten as snacks or taken with main meals. It is now getting popular all over the country. In our side of the country, that is in the eastern part of India, we also make “vadas” of many kind, but many of them are of sweet variety. In fact it is a kind of fritters. Here is oneimg914 which is a popular one and more so a money saving dish.

What would you do when you have a few banana as left over – over ripe, the skin of the fruit blackened and the pulp inside became very soft and mushy?

Well, this is what you can do:

  1. Take 4 over-ripe banana
  2. one cup of wheat flour
  3. half cup of powdered rice or corn-flour
  4. add a bit of sugar to taste- if you feel

Now mash and blend them well to a batter consistency.

img912Heat oil, carefully drop small ball like dough, each about a teaspoon in quantity,  into the oil . Fry them till a bit brown.

Half a spoonful of fennel seeds or cardamom powder can also be added to the batter to enhance the taste.

Serve hot, if possible. If needed, you can dust them with some powdered sugar as well.